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With its experience of more than 45 years in soaps and oils, SAVONOR s.a offers more than 35 products, all designed with the best quality to satisfy each client’s needs.

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Poudre lessive

SUPER BLUE is a washing powder with powerful foam properties that cleans dirty laundry just in one single wash. 

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COOKI is a 100% natural super refined palm oil with high nutritional value. Fortified with vitamin A, it is suitable for cooking and frying due to its liquid consistency and resistance to oxidation and high temperatures.

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Company background

Savonor is living to its motto 'German quality made in Burundi'. Being the market leader in soap and edible oil in Burundi, SAVONOR s.a. is manufacturing more than 35 products with its main production facility in Bujumbura and two palm oil extraction units upcountry.

With 800 Ha of palm plantations, the company partially supplies its own raw material known as palm oil. The company also has its own carton and plastic packaging manufacturing division. Its diversified product portfolio varies from soaps, cooking oils, margarine and candles and is widely appreciated in both local and export markets (Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania).

Savonor has a fleet of trucks which carries its finished products as well as palm fruits and oils to the necessary destinations within Burundi. Savonor's distribution network is well spread in thirteen provinces with 40 sales depots.